Allow me to help find your dream home,

so you can enjoy the process.

As the top real estate agent in Lafayette, I have seen every part of the home buying process and will be there for you through every step. I will provide you with all necessary information on every home we look at, help you negotiate the best deal possible, and connect you with the trusted vendors that I work with, including mortgage lenders.

My proven experience as a realtor and my dedication to helping you get the home of your dreams make me the perfect agent to walk you through this process.

When simplified, the home buying process can be broken down into three main steps. 

Choosing Your Realtor

Realtors have access to all homes and can show you any house on the market listed by any agency. And when it comes to the Acadiana area, there is no better Realtor to work with than me. I know this industry and area exceptionally well, and I pride myself on the hard work I put in every day for my clients.


One of the perks of going through the pre-approval process is that you will be better prepared to focus on homes that fit within your budget. When it comes time to discuss taking out a home loan, I will provide recommendations on great lenders for your buying needs. The lender will explain to you the various loan types available, which ones you qualify for, and the pros/cons of each one. Pre-approval letters must be ready when submitting an offer on a home so the sellers know how you intend to pay.

Finding Your Dream Home

We will work together to create your list of “must-haves” so we can find homes that fit what you are looking for. Then, I will find out additional information including flood zones, historical defects, issues in the disclosures, and other important information that can be used both to narrow down the options and to finalize a deal. As the top agent in Lafayette, I know exactly where to look for homes that will meet your needs and your price range. I will use my extensive network and knowledge of the market and area to ensure I find you the perfect home with little to no stress on you.

Your dream home might already be on the market, so don’t hesitate! I am here to start talking to you about the home buying process today.