Meet Sean Hettich,


I was born and raised in Michigan, where I attended MTU and earned a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. I then moved to Australia to get my MBA, with a focus in digital marketing, from the prestigious University of Western Australia, one of the world’s top business schools. I lived in Australia for nearly ten years and now have dual citizenship. Eventually, I became homesick for America and returned stateside. I feel very lucky that a long winding path bought me to Lafayette, Louisiana, a tight-knit community filled with welcoming people eager to learn more about anyone new moving to the area. 

While getting settled in my new home, I focused on deciding what my next career move would be. I knew I wanted to use my business and marketing skills in a career that would have a positive impact on people. So, I did some local market research and determined that real estate was a profitable path of doing business that allowed me to work directly with people in the community.

As a Realtor, I get to meet people from all walks of life and help them find and sell homes, which is very rewarding! On the side, I also enjoying using my real estate license to flip homes. 

I market myself as LAFAYETTE’S REALTOR for two reasons: 


I don’t discriminate against any type of clientele. Where a person lives or how much money they have has no impact on whether I work with them or not. I work with ALL people. 


I always put my clients first, and because of this, they know without a doubt that they are all truly important to me.

The way I see it – every single client that trusts me with their business is one step further away from where I started.
And for that, I can never say thank you enough.

note to SELLERS:

Through hard work and determination, I have been in the top 3 selling agents in the region for most of my real estate career. My background, skills, and education have helped me achieve these results. I treat every home I list like it’s a mini business, meaning I have a marketing plan to get it seen and sold! I stay completely up to date with the latest internet marketing strategies and pair them with traditional marketing strategies to give US the best possible chance of getting your home seen by the right buyers, at the right time. 

note to BUYERS:

I’m a no-pressure agent that actively helps you get the best deal possible. A home is the biggest purchase decision most people will ever make. When we walk into a house, I’ll give you as much information as I can to make sure that you have everything you need to make the RIGHT decision. In fact, when I show you a home, I point out anything that might need work or that will hopefully get us a better deal. I’m not a fast-talking salesperson trying to pressure you into making a decision. I’m here to help you find “the one” house you can turn into your new home!