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Thank you for considering me as your listing agent! I want to tell you a little about how I work as a listing agent. First, I am a silver-lining type of person. Regardless of market conditions, I always look for the winning solution that will help our house stand out amongst the rest. If you review My Results page, you will see how hard I work in getting your home sold. I have achieved the highest level of sales volume in Acadiana and have been one of the top selling agents in the region since I started in real estate. I strongly feel that if you review my About Me page, you will see that I my strong background in business and marketing strongly attributes to my success as an agent.

How Value Is Determined
One question I get asked frequently is how I determine the value of a home. Let me explain! When realtors and appraisers value a home, we first look at similar homes that have sold with the following criteria:

#1 the same subdivision / area
#2 similar size (square footage)
#3 similar features (beds/baths/pool, upgrades like granite etc)
#4 similar age
#5 external influences (school district, proximity to desirable areas, etc)

Appraisers must use at least three homes in their report for the lender. If they can’t find enough data in a given subdivision, they look for similar subdivisions in terms of the subject property. When I do my valuations before I list your home, I am looking for homes that match the above criteria that I feel would be the best candidates for an appraiser to choose. I am usually within 1% (or less) of valuation accuracy.

REMEMBER: A house must appraise for a buyer to obtain a loan on your home.