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Why Me?

When you’re looking to buy a home, there are some initial steps you need to follow in order get on the right path. I’ve summarized those steps below, but before you scroll down, let me highlight how I work as a buyer’s agent. I’m a no-pressure agent that actively helps you get the best deal possible. When we walk into a house, I’ll give you as much information as I can to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the RIGHT decision. In fact, when I show you a home, I pick on things that might need work in the home or things that will hopefully get us a better deal. I’m not a fast talking sales person trying to pressure you into making a decision. I’m here to help you find “the one” house you can turn into your new home!

The Initial Steps:

  1. Pick ONE Realtor to work with:​ A Realtor can show you any house on the market listed by any agency. We have access to all homes including new construction, resale homes, foreclosures, land, commercial, and more. Typically, there is no charge to use me to help you buy a home. I will work hard for you and I know how to guide you down the best path towards ownership.
  2. Get pre-approved:​ If you need advice on getting a home loan, I will be able to give you some recommendations on great lenders for your buying needs. A lender will explain to you the various loan types available, which ones you qualify for, the pros/cons of each one, and how much you can borrow using different your preferred loan type. You will need a pre-approval letter ready for when you submit the offer on the new home so the seller knows how you intend to pay for it!
  3. Find a home: You will with me on coming up with your “must-haves” and we will put together a list of homes you want to view. I will be able to scrub that list and look for additional information on houses from your list that will help you move toward or away certain homes. Additional information many buyers ask me to gather for them include things like flood zones, historical defects or issues in the disclosures, and other important information.
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